11.04.20 - 13.04.20

The Festival of the Giant Omelette

Entry of the Brotherhood of Giant Omelettes

Once a year, at Easter, Bessières-sur-Tarn, in the Haute-Garonne département, awakes from its hibernation and becomes the scene of a culinary spectacle.
People from Provence, France, Canada and the south of the USA flock to the small town on the Tarn to be there when the largest omelette in the world is roasted.

A lot of work: the giant omelette of Bessières-sur-Tarn needs 15 000 eggs

The festival begins on Saturday with a Vintage car rally, followed by concerts on the market square in the evening. The next day opens the Easter mass, followed by a tasting of the famous Aligot sausage and a giant egg hunt for children.
But the highlight of the event will be the preparation of the giant omelette the next day.

A true giant: the giant omelette of Bessières-sur-Tarn

15,000 eggs smashed countless helpers on early Easter Monday, the local bakers baked breads 1.80 metres long, while the fire for the gigantic pan was heated on the market square.
The omelette prepared there is distributed to the waiting crowd at noon - followed by music and dancing on the fairground.

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The Festival of the Giant Omelette
  • Place: Market place of Bessières, Département Haute-Garonne, Occitan
  • Date: Easter Saturday to Easter Monday
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