26.06.22 - 03.07.22

Altländer Cherry Week in Jork

Cherry Harvest in "alten Land"

After the apple, the cherry is one of the most important fruits in the "Alten Land". During the cherry week, the churches and their organs are the focus of attention.
For example, the birthday of the famous organ builder Arp Schnitger is celebrated at the weekend with many free concerts.
Guided tours of the cherry orchards, bicycle tours, funicular rides, picnics under the cherry tree and horse-drawn carriage rides are also organised.

Canal boat trip

Of course, guests are also allowed to pick cherries and enjoy tastings. The highlight of this special week is the last day, when the Altländer Kirschmarkt (the cherry market) with cherry pit spitting, artists' and craftsmen's market, bargain market and other attractions takes place in front of the town hall in Jork.


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Altländer Cherry Week in Jork
  • Location: Altländer Market in Jork, Altes Land
  • Date: Always in the first week of July
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