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Apple Weeks at Lake Constance

They are called Elstar and Kanzi, Jonagold and Kiku, Gala and Braeburn: The apple varieties
cultivated on Lake Constance shine with their variety of flavours.
This can be seen for yourself during the apple weeks at Lake Constance from mid-September to mid-October.

Apple train at the apple week at Lake Constance

Around 20 locations - from Ailingen via Lindau to Wasserburg - take part in the weeks and organise more than 100 individual events.
Visitors can explore the meadow orchards and apple orchards on foot or by tractor.


Guided tours through the fruit wholesale market in Spanagel, the Lindauer Bodensee-Fruchtsäfte GmbH or a distillery are organised, as are farm sales and markets.


Who wants to explore the region by e-bike, bike or horse-drawn carriage? Or take part in a molecular cooking course.
There are apple tastings in the orchard, full moon buffets in the open air, but also the restaurants of the region cook special apple menus.


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Apple weeks at Lake Constance

  • Location: 20 places along the Bodensee
  • Date: mid September to mid October
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