Aups Truffle Festival

View of Aups

Olive trees, Aleppo pines, holm and downy oaks characterize the area around Aups, a small community at the foothills of the Alps.
For centuries, silkworms were cultivated here - and black truffles. Today, the Tuber melanosporum is still an important industry in the village.
The market for the Perigord truffle the third largest in France.

Rich harvest: truffles from Aups

In addition to the market, the annual truffle festival attracts numerous visitors to the town.
There, the precious mushroom can not only be bought, but also tasted - for example, as a tasty omelet, the Brouillade à la Truffe.

During the event, the House of the Truffle is also open in the former hospital from the 17th century, where you can learn everything about the coveted tuber.
The highlight of the festivities, however, is the competition of the truffle dogs, which must retrieve as many of the noble mushrooms from the earth as possible during a fixed period of time.

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Aups Truffle Festival
  • Place: Market place of Aups, Département Var, Provence
  • Date: Fourth Sunday in January
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