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Bautzen Mustard Weeks

Hot stuff: Bautzen Mustard Week

Mustard has been produced in Bautzen since 1866. In the GDR, the city on the Spree was the largest mustard producer in the country, and even today the medium-hot Bautz`ner is the most popular mustard in Germany with a 23 per cent market share.

Restaurant during the Bautzen Mustard Week

The grains for the  mustard, which is protected by its origin, come almost exclusively from the region - and the mustard gets its characteristic yellow colour not from the addition of turmeric, as is usually the case, but from a special grinding process.
Almost twenty locations take part in the Bautzen Mustard Weeks, which have been taking place since 2006 - in addition to restaurants, shops and the town's mustard museum.  

Mustard Museum in Bautzen

Visitors can expect not only unusual treats like pineapple mustard parfait with chocolate sauce,  mustard soup or cocktails like the "Kleiner Bautzener" in the city colours of yellow and blue.  
The  Mustard Museum provides information on the cultivation of the plant and the production of mustard. It shows a historical mustard mill and a collection of old mustard pots. And in the adjoining shop, you can taste and buy manufactured mustards.

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Bautzen Mustard Weeks

  • Location: Centre of Bautzen, Lausitz
  • Date: Mid-August
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