25.05.23 - 28.05.23

Beer Lovers Festival

Poster Beer Lovers Festivals 2019

The Wallonians don't let anything come of their beer. More than 500 different types of beer
are brewed in the region - not only for drinking, some beer is also used for cooking or making special cheeses.
The beer culture is so unique that Unesco declared it an immaterial World Heritage Site in 2016.

In Liège, which calls itself the city of beer lovers, the Beer Lovers Festival takes place every summer.
An event at which 24 breweries from the region present their creations and which attracted 15,000 visitors last year.

Part of the event is also the Beer Lovers' Marathon, similar to the Marathon du Médoc in France, which takes place in Liège from beer to beer; 15 Belgian varieties can be tasted in total.
The runners are partly disguised, the motto for 2019 is: "Run as a hero! 

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Beer Lovers Festival
  • Location: Liège
  • Date: A weekend in the summer
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