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Bergstrasse Wine Market

Cultural landscape on the Bergstrasse

"This is where Germany starts to become Italy", Emperor Joseph II is said to have exclaimed delightedly during a stopover on the Hessian mountain road.
Wooded ridges that keep out the cold north and east winds, around 1600 hours of sunshine a year and an average annual temperature allow almonds, cherries and apricots to blossom on the slopes of the Odenwald as early as March.
The climate is also ideal for wine. It can be proven that wine was first harvested near Heppenheim around 773 - by the monks of the nearby Lorsch Monastery.  The Odenwald is a very popular wine-growing region.

Lorsch market place

The early medieval district town with its 408 listed monuments is also the venue for one of the region's most beautiful wine festivals: the Bergstrasse Wine Market.
On the market square with its red town hall, Marienbrunnen fountain and half-timbered ensemble, 35 wine bays exclusively serve wines and sparkling wines from the Hessische Bergstraße wine-growing region, which covers only 435 hectares. And at the stalls there are regional specialities such as Riwwelkuche or Bohnesupp.

Visitors to the Bergstrasse Wine Market

Public wine tastings and awards by the winegrowers' cooperative, a stick-shooting tournament, a youth talent show and the crowning of the Bergstrasse Wine Queen are all part of the varied programme, as are performances by brass bands, rock and pop groups, jazz musicians, pop singers and DJs.


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Bergstrasse Wine Market
  • Location: Marketplace of Heppenheim an der Bergstraße
  • Time: Ten days from the last weekend in June to the 1st Sunday in July.
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