Bern Onion Market

The first Zibelmärit took place as early as the 15th century - according to legend around 1405:
after a conflagration at which 650 houses burned down, Fribourg citizens rushed to the Bernese people's aid and were given the right to sell their onions on the market in autumn as a thank you.


Over the centuries, this developed into a big folk festival - with a parade of masked onion heads, a swim in the Aare or a confetti battle at the end of the event.
But of course the focus is on the onion:

Around 50 tons of onions and garlic bring farmers from the region to Bern. At more than 200 stands you can admire and buy artistically woven onion plaits, wreaths and figures: From meter-long giant plaits with white and red onions to flower arrangements with bouquets of dried flowers and decorated mini plaits.

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Berner Zibelemärit
  • Location: Old town of Bern
  • Date: Always on the 4th Monday in November
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