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Blueberry Festival in Borovany

Blueberry Festival in Borovany: Blueberry Cake

On the second weekend in July, everything revolves around the blue berry on the grounds of the monastery in Borovany near České Budějovice.
At the blueberry and handicraft market, local traders sell blueberry jams and wine, as well as earrings, cups and other gift items.


Blueberry Festival in Borovany: Make-up with blueberry juice

There are food stalls with pancakes, doughnuts, cakes and cream rolls, plus coffee, blueberry beer, schnapps and liqueur.
The blueberry showcase garden is also open, where seedlings of garden blueberries can be bought and the gardeners give tips on growing and caring for the plants. Those who want can have their make-up done with blueberry juice or learn the art of batik - with the blue berry juice.

Blueberry Festival in Borovany: Dumpling Contest

Exhibitions, concerts, lectures, theatre for children and competitions such as the championship in catching blueberries by mouth or a blueberry yeast dumpling eating contest, round off the event.


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Blueberry Festival in Borovany
  • Location: Borovany Monastery near ?eské Budjovice
  • Date: Mid-July


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