Calçotada Festival

Calsots: Spring onions on the grill

Sooty hands and bib stained with red sauce: If you want to eat Calcots with your fingers
and in one piece, you shouldn't go to dinner in the best thread.
Especially not when eating at the annual Calçotada of Valls near Tarragona.

Grilled Calsots at the Calcotada Festival

Because the shoots of the white spring onion, which are piled up like asparagus and thus reach a length of up to 25 centimetres, are eaten by hand: Put your head on your neck and let the onion dunked in Romesco sauce slide into your throat.


Eating competition on the Calcotada Festival in Valls

Brave fighters can clean 380 onions in 45 minutes. But also the tastiest Romesco sauce and the most beautiful onion will be chosen at the festival.
In addition there is traditional Catalan music, dances and the Castellers erect their spectacular human pyramids.


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Calçotada Festival
  • Location: Valls, Catalunya
  • Date. Last Sunday in January
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