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Chestnut Fair in Bocognano

Chestnut fair in Bocognano: Poster

Corsica is famous for its Castagniccia. The dense chestnut forests in the northeast of the Mediterranean island
supplied the population with food, fuel and wood for furniture and offered protection to the freedom fighters from the huntsmen from Paris.

Stand at the chestnut fair in Bocognano


The municipality of Bocognano, in the district of Ajaccio, wants to keep the old tradition alive and since the beginning of the eighties Bocognano has organised a festival and mass dedicated to the chestnut.

Stand at the chestnut fair in Bocognano

At the Fiera di castagna in mid-December, chestnut products such as flour, beer, jam and honey can be tasted.
Guided tours to the chestnut woods or to the mills are also organised.


Chestnut fair in Bocognano: ceramic stand

The restaurants of the village show what you can put on the chestnuts' plates.
A crafts market shows traditional pottery and wickerwork, fabrics and leather as well as jewellery and cutlery. The festival is rounded off by performances by local musicians.

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Chestnut fair in Bocognano
  • Location: Bocognano, Arrondissement Ajaccio, Corsica
  • Date: beginning, middle of December
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