05.12.23 - 10.12.23

ChocolArt in Tübingen

Chocolate truffles at the ChocolArt in Tübingen

Chocolate truffles from the Pays de Loire. Finest chocolate from Brussels or fair trade cocoa from Ecuador: This year again, the largest chocolate festival in southern Germany will attract thousands of visitors.
Chocolate fans will be presented with high-quality specialities from France and Switzerland, Austria and Italy, Belgium and Germany, the USA, Ghana or Latin.

Stands at the ChocolArt in Tübingen

Around 100 top manufacturers and exclusive top chocolatiers from Africa, South and North America and Europe will have the opportunity to present exquisite products to an enthusiastic audience for six days.
Many exhibitors at ChocolART are certified with the Fair Trade seal and produce their chocolates and other delicacies under strict criteria in order to contribute to the improvement of the farmers' living and working conditions and the development of social structures.

Chocolate selection at the ChocolArt in Tübingen

But not only manufacturers and dealers are participating in the event. A number of restaurants will be presenting specially prepared dishes during the week, such as pumpkin soup with freshly grated chocolate chips.
Chocolatier teach the art of praline-making. City tours, cinema and children's programmes complete the event.

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ChocolArt Tübingen
  • Locaction: Historic Old Town of Tübingen
  • Date: Late November, early December
  • Price: Admission to the chocolate market is free. Some events are subject to a fee
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