21.09.23 - 24.09.23

Cider Festival in Astigarraga

The High Art of Pouring: Sidra Festival in Astigarraga

The centre of cider in the province of Gipuzkoa is the small town of Astigarraga. More than 20 of the region's 70 or so press houses are located in the community of 5,000 souls a few kilometres from the beach of Sebastian.
And for more than 40 years, the inhabitants have been celebrating their Sidra - always on Saint Ana's Day.

The festival begins in the morning with a tasting: the sidreros pour out around 2000 bottles of Sidra to the visitors - swinging with outstretched arms so that the cider lands in the glass with as much oxygen as possible.
This is the only way to give it a fresh, sparkling taste. The farmers compete to see which bull can pull a 1700-kilo boulder the furthest, and Bertsolari - traditional Basque singers - sing their impromptu songs.

Then, in the early afternoon, the food is served: the traditional Sidra menu of the Basques, consisting of cod omelette, fried cod with green peppers, cutlet, cheese with nuts and quince bread.
The festival ends with a series of peasant sports competitions such as chopping tree trunks, lifting stones - and of course a game of pelota.

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Cider Festival in Astigarraga
  • Location: Astigarraga in Gipuzkoa, Spain
  • Date: End of July


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