Crespillo Festival

Crespillo festival in Barbastro, Aragon

Crespillos is the name of a delicious dessert from Somontano in the Comunidad Aragon
. The leaves of borage are turned in a dough and fried in olive oil. In Barbasto this is done thousands of times: during the Fiesta de Crespillo at the end of March.


Baked golden brown: Crespillo

Those responsible for the event collected around 15,000 borage leaves and prepared a tasty dough from 500 kilos of flour and sugar, 500 litres of milk, dozens of eggs and 15 bottles of aniseed schnapps.
The Crespillos are fried on 14 fires and then distributed to the visitors.

Bodega Irius near Barbastro

The festival is accompanied by musical performances and because Somontano is also an excellent wine region, the organisers of the regional wine routes invite visitors to visit some of the wineries outside the city.


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Crespillo Festival
  • Ort: Plaza del Mercado in Barbastro, Aragon
  • Date: Always on the Sunday closest to 25 March (Annunciation).
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