Day of Migas

Dias de Las Migas: Poster

For centuries, migas were the daily meal of the field workers of Axarquia
. The women prepared the simple dish from old bread or semolina and called their men to dinner by blowing into an empty snail shell. In Torrox the horn still sounds today - during the Dia de las Migas.

Preparation of the migas in Torrox

Already in the morning, the men and women of the village begin to prepare migas on the street - in large pans under which logs of wood blaze.
When the snail horn sounds, the run to the serving point begins: around 40,000 portions are distributed on the festival day, accompanied by a glass of local wine.

Traditionally, Torrox eats a tomato and onion salad with the migas, refined with olives and oranges.
During the festive day, the local farmers sell their local products such as honey, wine and olive oil. Music is played - on the street, on stage - until late at night.

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Day of Migas
  • Location: Plaza de la Constitucion in Torrox, Province Malaga
  • Date: Last Sunday before Christmas Eve


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