10.07.21 - 11.07.21

Dorset Seafood Festival

Port of Weymouth

A charming old town with crooked, colourful houses. A kilometre-long sandy beach
and a picturesque landscape: Weymouth, on the coast of the southern English county of Dorset, is one of the first destinations for modern tourism.
King Georges III already spent the summer resort here in 1780.

Food stand at the Dorset Seafood Festival

For about ten years now, thousands of gourmets have been meeting in Weymouth every year in July to celebrate the Seafood Festival.
More than 100 stalls at the picturesque harbour offer oysters and champagne, lobster, sea snails or fish.

Show cooking at the Dorset Seafood Festival

Top British chefs show how to filet fish properly, open oysters and get lobster meat out of the scissors in workshops.
And then conjure up the tastiest dishes in the show kitchen. As every year, admission to the festival goes to the local fishermen's aid association.


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Dorset Seafood Festival
  • Location: Weymouth harbour quay in the county of Dorset
  • Date: early July
  • Price: The event is subject to a fee
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