Easter Breakfast in the Port of Rabac

Rabac in spring

Richard Francis Burton made the fishing village of Rabac on the east coast of Istria famous in 1876
. Soon after his visit, the first hotels with illustrious guests such as the heir to the throne Prince Ferdinand joined the summer houses of the Imperial and Royal Hautevolee.

Prsut: The ham speciality from Istria

Today about 11,000 tourists visit the town every year - also at Easter. Then the local tourist association organises an open-air breakfast at the harbour.
In addition to traditional specialities such as the sweet Easter bread Pinca and the Istrian Easter ham, various dance performances in Labin costumes are offered.

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Easter Breakfast in Rabac
  • Location: Port of Rabac, Istria - Croatia
  • Date: Always on Easter Sunday


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