15.10.21 - 24.10.21


Eurochocolat in Perugia

White, brown or dark chocolate. To drink, as a praline or as an elaborate work of art: during Eurochocolat, the largest chocolate festival in Europe, visitors can enjoy
- Marvel at and taste 6 000 different chocolate products.
- 100 manufacturers from 15 countries attend the festival every year, including many traditional family businesses such as the Pasticceria Sandri, which has been producing chocolates and pastries since 1860. In 2015 alone, exhibitors were able to sell 145 tonnes of chocolate products.

Eurochocolat: chocolate fountain

In addition to normal chocolate sweets, there are also chocolate schnapps or chocolate kebab, for example. Local highlights are the "Baci" (kisses) from the chocolate factory in Perugia: a dark chocolate praline with a hazelnut cream in which a whole nut floats.
Each praline contains a small note with a love message. The idea came from Chocolatieri Luisa Spagnoli in 1922, who wanted to make a sweet declaration of love to her beloved Giovanni Buitoni on Valentine's Day.

In addition to the many tasting stands spread throughout the city, there are also chocolate cooking classes, chocolate performances, readings and exhibitions on the subject of cocoa.
One of the highlights of the event is the chocolate sculpture "Sculture di Cioccolato", in which the artists demonstrate their special skills in dealing with chocolate and create sculptures from large blocks of chocolate. 2016 was the motto Sharing and so a giant mobile phone with sefliestick was created in Piazza IV Novembre - made of 6000 kilos of chocolate.

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  • Loation: Piazza Novembre in Perugia, Umbria
  • Date: mid October
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