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Festa del Torrone e del Croccantino

San Marco dei Cavoti from above

Narrow alleys, sloping roofs, medieval towers: in San Marco dei Cavoti, in the province of Benevento, Campania, at an altitude of almost 700 metres, time seems to have stood still a little.
Especially in winter, when snow blows through the cobblestones, the pretty mountain village radiates a contemplative peace - interrupted only by the great town festival Festa del Torrone e del Croccanti.

Chocolate creation at the Festa del Torrone e del Croccanti

These sweets, popular all over Italy at Christmas, are a speciality of the village: in 1891 the local confectioner Innocent Borillo married almonds, roasted hazelnuts and sugar and covered them with a fine chocolate icing.
Today there are nine patisseurs in San Marco dei Cavoti who still follow this craft in the traditional way, making nougat, brittle, nougat and many other sweet delicacies.

Parade on the Festa del Torrone e del Croccanti

In the pre-Christmas period, at the beginning of December, hundreds of visitors flock to the community of 3000 souls - attracted by the sweet smell of honey and almonds, which wafts through the gases from the many tasting stands.
There is a Christmas market with handicraft products, show cooking, live music and a parade, street artistry and parades. Slow Food provides information about local products and the restaurants in Piazza Gastronomica show what delicious food can be made from them in the kitchen.

Cutting the giant crocantino at the Festa del Torrone e del Croccanti

The highlight of the event is the sharing of the giant crocacantino on Via Roma.
The crocant block, which is around 30 metres long and 80 centimetres wide, is carefully covered with chocolate, then the master bakers break the giant into a thousand pieces with spatula and hammer and distribute them to the waiting visitors.
The nougat and brittle festival in San Marco dei Cavoti is not the only one in Italy: Cremona - the old bishop's town on the left bank of the Po in Lombardy - celebrates its Festa del Torrone a month earlier: in the penultimate week of November.

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Festa del Torrone e del Croccantino
  • Location: Old town of San Marco dei Cavoti, Province of Benevento, Campania
  • Date: early December
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