30.07.22 - 31.08.22

Festival of the Champagne Trail

Champagne picnic at Barfontarc

Sparkling champagne, beautiful chateaus and picturesque wine villages: Champagne in the north-east of France is not only a popular destination for the world-famous sparkling wine, but also for culture and nature lovers. After all, the vineyards, houses and cellars of Champagne, as well as churches such as the cathedral of Reims, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Poster of the Festival of the Champagne Trail


In the Aube en Champagne, 39 winegrowers have joined together to form the Route du Champagne - and celebrate their tourist theme route every year with a festival.
Every year in an other village oft he region.


Champagne Tasting in front of a Chateau

Participants will receive a Flute Passeport - a champagne glass with holder, route description, alcohol test, mug and water - which serves as the key to entry to the champagne domains and cellars.
There you will learn interesting facts about the production of the world-famous sparkling wine - and a sip or two to try.

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Festival of the Champagne Trail
  • Location: Changing wine cellars in the Département Aube in the Champagne
  • Date: late July, early August
  • Price: The event is subject to a fee
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