26.01.24 - 11.02.24

Festival of the Radiccio di Treviso

Only 24 municipalities are allowed to grow it, its origin is strictly protected by the PDO label
. And also the technique of expulsion and bleaching is carried out according to fixed rules:
The peasants of the province have a real cult around their Raddicchio di Treviso - not during the chicory festival.

Chefs at the festival of Radicchio di Treviso

For a week, everything in the small towns of Dosson revolves around the colourful winter vegetables.
There are folk kitchens that serve radicchio dishes at lunch and dinner, a gala evening with famous chefs from the region, but also a colourful entertainment programme.

Along the tourist theme road Strada del Radicchio, travellers can visit farms and learn about the production of Raddichio di Treviso.
You can also visit historic country villas such as Villa Cornero, built in 1552.


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Festival of the Radiccio di Treviso
  • Location: Dosson in the province of Treviso
  • Date: late January, early February
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