07.06.24 - 16.06.24

Festival of the Red Onion

Red onion from Breme

Because of their mild pungency and sweet taste, red onions are used raw in salads or for fine sauces and soups
. The varieties from Tropea (Campania), Medicina (Emilia-Romagna) and Breme (Lombardy) are famous. 


In this small medieval village in Lombardy, onion cultivation began around 906: monks from Novalesa came to Breme and realised how good the soil and climate were for growing sweet onions.
The methods they introduced for growing and sowing onions are still practiced today.  

During the main harvesting season in mid-June, the village's support association organises a large onion festival - with music, dancing and numerous onion
products. The red tubers are offered as pretty plaited plaits or as jam.
There are also various dishes made from red onions, ranging from appetizers to main courses and sweet desserts.

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Festival of the Red Onion
  • Location: Centre of Breme, Province of Pavia in Lombardy
  • Date: Every second weekend in June
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