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Franconian Switzerland Beer Weeks

500 years of the "Purity Law" must be celebrated: Franconian Beer Weeks

The beginning of Lent in mid-February in Franconian Switzerland marks the start of a culinary journey around beer, which as "liquid bread" was already considered an important food 500 years ago.
Until April 23, the birthday of the Bavarian Beer Purity Law and thus officially "Beer Day," there will be exuberant celebrations.

Dumplings at the Franconian Beer Weeks

Numerous restaurants in the region then offer at least three dishes in which beer has been used.
The menus include starters and main courses: For example, a carp fillet baked in malt grist, a Franconian strong beer soup or beer sausages.

Brew barrel: Franconian beer weeks

The chefs at the participating restaurants are also creative when it comes to dessert, serving Franconian wheat beer ice cream with blueberry compote, for example.
And, of course, at least two of the total of 350 regional beers are on the drinks menu for people to get to know.

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Franconian Switzerland Beer Weeks


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