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Open Oil Mills

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Olive oil from Umbria has a particularly good reputation among gourmets. In 1998, the region between Tuscany, Lazio and the Marche was the first in Italy to receive the "protected designation of origin" mark for extra virgin olive oil  from the European Union.
This guarantees the origin of the olives, their variety, the vintage, the location, and that the oil has been harvested directly on site by the farmers and gently cold pressed.

Today, there are still around 250, mostly smaller, olive farms in Umbria. They harvest an average of 6.5 million kilos of olives a year (that is just under 1.2 per cent of Italy's production), from which 14 different types of oil are produced:
In the south-east - near Spoleto - rather bitter-hot oils with intense herbal notes are produced. In the centre of the country, the oils are fruitier, while around Lake Trasimeno, in the north-east, the fruits have a balanced taste.

Olive grower brings in the harvest

The harvest usually begins at the end of October and lasts four weeks. During this time, people work hard - but also celebrate. Dozens of oil mills in the region invite you to visit their groves and mills as part of the "Frantoi Aperti" event; give an insight into production, let you taste their oils and explain the special features of the different varieties.

Music in the olive grove

There is also a lot on offer culturally at the weekends: There is a brunch tour with music in special places - be it amidst centuries-old trees, in a press cellar or at the piazza of a medieval town.
Guided hikes in nature, but also bike tours with tastings are part of the programme. Guided tours to historically significant sites are also part of the programme.

Besides oil, other typical products of the region are presented at markets and workshops: chocolate from Perugia, wines from Assisi, sausages from Norcia - and of course truffles, the black gold of the land.


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Open Oil Mills
  • Location: Various places in Umbria
  • Date: End of October until end of November
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