Giant Onion Festival, Giarratana

The Giant Onion of Giarratana

The municipality of Gitarrana in Sicily has always been known for the cultivation of its onions
. The leek plant of the region is extraordinarily sweet and, above all, extraordinarily large: up to 3500 grams such a colossus puts on the kitchen scale: 70 times the size of a silver onion.


Stand auf der Onion Festival Giarratana

Every year on August 14th, the inhabitants invite to my big onion festival, where the vegetables are offered in all imaginable variations: As fine onion jam or pickled sweet and sour. Raw, only sprinkled with high-quality oil or cooked in a spicy ragout.


Procession in the Festival Sagra della Cipolla Giarratana

The onion tastes best after stewing in the oven for hours. Under the black roasted skin its inimitable spicy-sweet character reveals itself best.
In addition to the onion, the region's fine cheeses are also presented and a folklore group provides musical accompaniment.


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Giant Onion Festival, Giarratana
  • Location: Giarratana in Sicily
  • Date: Always on 18 August


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