13.06.24 - 16.06.24

Glückstadt Matjes Weeks

Harbour view at the Glückstädter Matjeswochen

Even though Glückstadt has not had its own herring fleet since 1970, the tradition of herring production is still alive and well in this community 60 kilometres from Hamburg.
Two companies still produce the tender and healthy speciality with its high omega-3 fat content by hand - and only use the full-fat herring caught between May and June.

Matjes food at the Glückstadt Matjes Weeks

It matures in 60-kilo wooden barrels in just a few days - exactly how long is a well-kept company secret - to become a speciality known far beyond the state's borders.
The first matie of the season is traditionally given to the mayor of Glückstadt for a "bite" at the Glückstadt Matie Weeks. Afterwards, the morsels are distributed to visitors on the historic market square.

Flea market at the Glückstadt Matjes weeks

Music on two stages with rock and pop, shanties, jazz or soul are just as much a part of the festival programme as a ship parade and a large flea market. And of course, during the four days of the festival, you can stroll along the Matjesmeile and try other matjes specialities - natural, with onions or as cutter bread with egg and prawns.

The sporty part is the harbour crossing, when the participants try to get from one shore to the other dry-footed on inflatable boats lined up next to each other. During the competition rigging, where the boats are moved with the paddle in the style of a gondolier, or during the regatta on barrels that are moved with commercially available spades.

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Glückstadt Matjes Weeks
  • Location: Marketplace and harbour of Glückstadt near Hamburg
  • Date: Beginning of June


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