22.09.22 - 25.09.22

Goose Festival in Boskovice

Poster: Goose Festival in Boskovice

During the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, hundreds of geese marched from Boskovice to imperial Vienna every September
to be sold at the markets for good money.
And even today the geese from the small town in South Moravia are a highly esteemed delicacy.

The inhabitants of the town, first mentioned in 1213, dedicate a festival to their premium product every year.
Then the castle's orangery is transformed into a huge restaurant where goose and duck specialities can be tasted.

There are exhibitions, concerts, an arts and crafts market and a performance show of the small cattle breeders.
The most beautifully decorated goose is chosen, as is Miss Goose Shepherdess and the best goose recipe.

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Gänsefest in Boskovice


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