25.06.21 - 28.06.21

Ham Festival Aria di Festa

Thinly sliced a delight: San Daniele Ham

Air-dried and rubbed only with sea salt. Made from pigs of the Po Valley and aged for at least 13 months, San Daniele ham is considered by connoisseurs to be among the best in the world.
And the brotherhood of Prosciuttificos, the ham producers, watch over its quality with Argus eyes.

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Every year, thousands of participants in the Aria di Festa ham festival in San Daniele are convinced of this. Classics such as ham and melon are offered in the alleys and squares of the medieval town, as are more unusual combinations with Bavarian wheat beer.


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Guided tastings show how to recognize the real San Daniele and celebrity chefs demonstrate what can be conjured up from the ham at the stove. Concerts - from folklore to classical to pop - frame the event.


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Ham Festival Aria di Festa
  • Location: Piazza Duomo, Parco del Castello und Piazza IV Novembre, San Daniele el Friuli
  • Date: End of June
  • Price: Some of the events are chargeable
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