26.04.24 - 28.04.24

Herring Festival


When large swarms of herring swim in Ringkøbing Fjord in spring, there is a lot of excitement in Hvide Sande on the west coast of Denmark.
The harbour town's lock basins become a meeting point for fish - and a fishing paradise.

They take advantage of the mass gathering and compete in Denmark's largest fishing competition for the unofficial World Herring Fishing Championship.
Even those who can fillet a herring the quickest will be determinated - and the best herring recipe will be chosen.


For many, the choice of Mister Hering is the highlight of the event, others look forward to the varied music and show programme or a visit to one of the trawlers.
Of course, the Herring Festival also offers freshly roasted fish fillets, homemade fish cakes or pickled fried herring.

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Herring festival
  • Location: Port of Hvide Sande, Denmark
  • Date : end of April


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