22.07.22 - 25.07.22

Homburg Wine Festival

Homburger Kallmuth: Top vineyard in Franconia

Kallmuth wraps around the bend in the Main River like a concave mirror. 12 kilometers of natural stone walls, in some places up to five meters high, divide the terraced slope, which is a listed monument, with up to 74 percent slope.
If you want to get to the top, you have to climb 260 steps. From there, you have a magnificent view of the Main River, Homburg Castle and the small community below. The location of the vineyard is geologically unique: In the middle of the vineyard, the shell limestone that is common in the region transitions to sandstone. One reason why the Silvaner grown here is so complex.

Homburg wine festival at the castle garden

On two weekends in July, the castle courtyard and castle garden become a large open-air wine tavern.
Fanfare trains, bands and ensembles serve musical accompaniments to tasty Franconian specialties.
However, the focus is on the exquisite Schoppen wines from the top vineyards Kallmuth and Edelfrau. The festival ends with a fireworks display on Sunday over the Kallmuth.

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Homburg Wine Festival
  • Location: Castle courtyard and garden in Homburg am Main
  • Date: Two weekends in July
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