24.02.23 - 25.02.23

Honey Days of Pazin

Medieval castle of Pazin

Pazin, the capital of Istria, is known for its medieval castle, which is one of the best preserved castles of the county.
But the inhabitants of the small village are also very proud of their honey - and show this at the annual Honey Days.

Honey on the honey days in Pazin

Around 100 beekeepers display their pure honeys at the event: The acacia or ivy honey, the dandelion or sage, fir or chestnut honey.
You can also try and buy propolis and beeswax. Or walnuts and hazelnuts soaked in honey.

Beekeepers will show how honey is produced during the event, which is also attended by beekeepers from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia, and there will also be courses and lectures on topics such as beekeeping tourism, the fight against bee mortality and the protection of ecosystems.

The festival is framed by the days of honey delicacies, which usually begin two weeks before and last 18 days.
Then restaurants and Konobas, the traditional taverns of the country, offer a 3-course menu, enriched with honey products, at a particularly favourable price.

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Honey Days of Pazin
  • Location: School sports hall of Pazin, central Istria
  • Date: End of February
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