10.03.23 - 26.03.23

International Chocolate Festival

International Chocolate Festival in Obidos, Portugal

Built between the 13th and 16th centuries, the castle of Óbidos is one of the best preserved in Portugal
. In the shadow of the mighty walls, the town, liberated from the reign of Mooris in 1148, hosts a chocolate festival lasting several days.


Exciting combination: salmon and chocolate

Chiefs, confectioners and chocolatiers come from all over Europe and show the versatility of the cocoa bean, which not only makes „Bella Figura“ in desserts, but also as an accompaniment to meat dishes or as an extravagant cocktail.


Children at the International Chocolate Festival

There are cooking shows to take part in - also for children. And workshops on cocoa and chocolate.
Under expert guidance, visitors make exquisite pralines and chocolate petits fours. Or stroll past the stalls selling chocolates from all over the world.

Small work of art: chocolate owl

A „fish market“ awaits customers, next door „farmers“ offer „fruit and vegetables“ for sale - the goods are made of chocolate.
You can admire sculptures, replicas of Portuguese monuments or animals.


A highlight is the award of the country's best chocolatier, which is chosen by an international jury of experts.
In addition, jugglers, musicians and small artists entertain the public on the festive days.


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International Chocolate Festival
  • Location: In front of the castle of Óbidos, central Portugal
  • Date: Always Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the festival weeks in spring
  • Price: The event is subject to a fee
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