05.04.24 - 07.04.24

Andalusian Artisan Cheese Fair

Andalusia is the main producer region of goat cheese in Spain:
From the milk of six indigenous breeds - Malagueña, Blanca Andaluza, Florida, Murciano-Granadina, Negra Serrana and Payota - unique, aromatic cheeses are made here - many in small craft businesses.


Around 100 cheeses from all the provinces of Andalusia will be presented by 30 cheese dairies at the artisanal cheese fair in Villaluenga.
You can taste and buy it - last year 50,000 kilos of cheese were tasted.

During the festive season, the local cheese museum opens its doors and milking workshops are held.
And of course there is a competition for the prize of the best Andalusian cheese in different categories.


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Andalusian artisan cheese fair
  • Location: Villaluenga del Rosario, Province Cadiz
  • Date: Beginning of AprilAnfang April
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