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Mount Athos Food Festival

Mount Athos Food Festival

Marzipan roses from Ammouliani. Or wines of the monks from the holy mountain Athos. Honey from the Aristoteliko mountains or mussels from the bay of Olympiada.
The Halkidiki peninsula in northern Greece is rich in culinary traditions and products - and celebrates this wealth every year during the Mount Athos Gourmet Festival.

Mount Athos Food Festival: Traditional Dances

For four weeks - always between May and June - fishermen, beekeepers and winegrowers give insight into their traditional way of working.
There are cooking classes, also for children, and wine tastings, special menus in the restaurants of the region, but also cheerful street festivals with music, barbecue and wine stands.

Mount Athos Food Festival: Cooking Course

The 32 events follow a different theme each week: sometimes the focus is on the monastery cuisine, other times on the refugees from Pontos and Asia Minor.
One week pays homage to the herbs, mushrooms and forest fruits of the Aristotelian Mountains, the other to the abundance of fish in the Gulf of Sigitikos.


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Mount Athos Food Festival
  • Location: Mount Athos Region, Chaldiki, Greece
  • Date: Mid-May to mid-June
  • Price: There are costs for some events
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