24.05.24 - 26.05.24

Nivarata Ice Festival

Ice festival on the cathedral square in Acireale, Sicily

Granita is a frozen dessert from Sicily
that originally consisted of sugar syrup and freshly squeezed lemon juice, but is now served in 1001 variations. Visitors of the Nivarta Ice Festival in Acireale can taste the most beautiful creations.


The event is not just a meeting of the best Gelatieri, who compete in various disciplines - and are judged by the public jury.
The guests can also learn the high art of granita production in workshops.

There will also be live cooking shows and music events at the cathedral square. Various art exhibitions are dedicated to the theme, and every day there is a special programme for the children in Piazza Lionardo Vigo.


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Nivarata Ice Festival
  • Location: Acireale, Sicily
  • Date: early June
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