Olive Festival of Corconne

Corconne on the southern slope of the mountain massif Coutach

For centuries, wine and olives have characterised the small village of Corconne
on the southern slope of the Coutach mountain range on the edge of the Cevennes.
Since the 16th century, the inhabitants have cultivated olives of the Picholine variety in the middle of the Mediterranean scrubland landscape, from which an intensely fruity oil is pressed.

Olive festival in Corconne: parade of the brotherhood

At the end of the harvest season, the Brotherhood of Languedoc-Roussillon Olive Growers in Corconne celebrates a small festival that attracts around 7000 visitors.
Visitors are offered a lush terroir market with regional products such as honey, wine, garlic or onions - and of course olives and olive oil.

Olive festival in Corconne: olive oil tasting

Artisans will also join in - a total of 100 exhibitors. Several times a day, a band and the Brotherhood Parade pass by.
Trade visitors can find out about the latest innovations in olive cultivation at the stand or in workshops - and choose the best oil of the year in a major tasting session.

Olive festival in Corconne: Historic mill

Laymen will enjoy the variety of oils and wines on offer for tasting, visit the old 17th century oil mill and hike through the olive groves east of the village against the imposing backdrop of the Coutach.


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Olive Festival of Corconne
  • Location: Corconne, Gard department, Occitania
  • Date: Second Sunday in December
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