08.03.24 - 17.03.24

Pinchos Week

Nowhere in Spain is the variety of tapas as great as in the northern provinces of the Basque Country and Navarre
. The delicious little things - here they are called pintxos - lie temptingly on the counter of the tapas bars.
The guests dig in heartily. At the end of the meal, they are charged according to the number of toothpicks in each pincho.


Visitors can discover all the flavours and aromas of the countless tapas bars in Pamplona, Tudela and Villava during the annual Pinchos Week.


More than 90 bars and restaurants in Pamplona and the surrounding area are taking part in the event, where diners can sample two of the new, imaginative and exclusive miniature haute cuisine pinchos at a single price.

Beforehand, there is a competition among the chefs to find the most elaborate and refined recipe, which is awarded by a jury.
In addition, the Navarre Food Quality Institute awards themed prizes for pinchos created with specific ingredients from the region: For example, asparagus, artichokes or beef.

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Pinchos Week, Pamplona
  • Location: Pamplona and surroundings
  • Date: Beginning of March, middle of April
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