Polenta Festival from Tossignano

Polenta in the cauldron

Tossignano's polenta festival dates back to 1622, when Leonardo Scincia, the city lord, ordered the distribution of maize porridge to the starving population on the last day of carnival.
Since then, the festival has taken place every year, interrupted only from 1942 to 1945, when the city was destroyed in the war.

Eight cast iron boilers over brushwood fire

At this traditional event, polenta is still distributed to visitors today - from eight large cast-iron boilers boiling under a brushwood fire.
And because the festival takes place on the last day of carnival, many visitors come dressed up.


Festa della Polenta: Performance of the nuns

Since the municipalities of Tossignano and Borgo were brought together in 1901, the Maccheroni festival has been celebrated on the same day, so that the inhabitants can taste both specialities.
There will also be music and a small amusement park.


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Polenta Festival from Tossignano
  • Location: Old town of Tassignano, province of Bologna
  • Date: Last day of carnival, mid February
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