25.08.23 - 03.12.23

Pumpkin Exhibition

Pumpkin sculptures in Ludwigsburg

Nine weeks - from the beginning of September to the beginning of November - the Blossoming Baroque Garden in the centre of Ludwigsburg is the site of the world's largest pumpkin exhibition.
On different days a pumpkin regatta is held, in which giant pumpkins serve as boats, the heaviest pumpkin in Europe is determined or the most beautiful pumpkin carving is chosen.

Cooks from the region transform the fruit into delicious meals - among other things, the world's largest pumpkin soup is cooked.
Musicians provide entertainment on a cabaret stage, fairytale tellers are available for the children and at the end the visitors can buy the seeds of the winning pumpkins of the weighing championships.

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Pumpkin Exhibition
  • Location: Park "Blühendes Barock" in Ludwigsburg
  • Date: September to November - 2022 extended until December
  • Price: Park entrance fee
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