27.09.24 - 29.09.24

Radebeul Autumn and Wine Festival

Enjoying culture and wine at the Radebeul Wine Festival

As in the nearby Meissen Wine Festival, there are also several stages and fairgrounds in Radebeul
, between Dorfanger, Elbdamm and Friedenskirche, where music - folk, classical or jazz - is played and wine is served.
Stilt-walkers, clowns and fire-eaters stroll through the streets. A children's funfair and a medieval market are also part of the event.

Music parade at the Radebeul Autumn and Wine Festival

In addition to the 26 winegrowers, around 20 international theatre groups and artists will be at the start: whether commedia dell'arte, mimicry or juggling, dance performance, travesty or comedy - at the end, the audience will choose the best performance from the offerings.

Fairground at the Radebeul Autumn and Wine Festival

The finale of the festival is the Finale Grande on Sunday evening.
After the audience award ceremony, the walk-in sculpture garden on the Elbe meadow goes up in flames in spectacular fashion.


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Radebeul Autumn and Wine Festival
  • Location: Altkötzschenbroda, Radebeul in Saxony
  • Date: End of September
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