27.09.24 - 29.09.24

Retz Vintage Festival

Retz Vintage Festival: Festival Square in the Evening

The Retz Wine Harvest Festival is celebrated on the town's main square near the Czech border.
The setting is magnificent: the three football fields of the square are surrounded by stately Renaissance town houses, such as the Sgraffito House, built in 1576, and the Verderberhaus, dating from 1583.
The area is also impressive underground: the Retzer Erlebniskeller is the largest wine cellar in Central Europe with a total length of 21 kilometres.

Retz Grape Harvest Festival: Parade with grapes

The three-day spectacle begins with the marching-in of the Heurigenburschen on Friday.
The new Heurige is distributed to the public free of charge, bands play on the festival stage and DJs play from midnight.
On Saturday there will be a morning pint with music, a cheese street for small appetites and a colourful children's programme. The highlight is the entrance of Bacchus, the god of wine, who lets wine flow from the fountain.

Retz Vintage Festival: Closing fireworks display

Sunday begins with a field mass, morning pint and the parade of the winegrowers of the northern Weinviertel.
The event will then conclude with a large fireworks display.


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Retz Vintage Festival
  • Location: Main square of Retz
  • Date: The last weekend in September
  • Price: There is a charge for the event. Admission is free for children up to 14 years
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