17.08.23 - 21.08.23

Rüdesheim Wine Festival

Wine stands at the Rüdesheim Wine Festival

Drosselgasse, Niederwald Monument and Ehrenfels Castle: little Rüdesheim on the Rhine is a real tourist magnet - with more than three million visitors a year. The municipality is also famous for its Assmannshausener Spätburgunder, which was first mentioned in a document in 1108.
The Rüdesheim vintners present the strong red and the sparkling Rieslings, which are more typical for the Rheingau, at their annual wine festival.

Dance show at the Rüdesheim Wine Festival

The wine stalls open the evening before and there is a Rheingau cabaret in the town's market square.
The following day, the Rüdesheim Wine Festival is officially opened: With dance music, show and acrobatics. And in the evening, the Rüdesheim wine majesties will be crowned.

Guided tour to the Niederwald Monument

On Sunday, the participants of the Rüdesheim Riesling Tour meet at the church on the market square.
With a knowledgeable guide, the three-hour tour takes them along the vineyards to the Niederwald Monument. Along the way, your gaze wanders again and again to the Unesco World Heritage Site of the Upper  Middle Rhine Valley with its countless castles and towers. There are several wine stops in between.

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Rüdesheim Wine Festival
  • Location: Marketplace of Rüdesheim am Rhein
  • Date: Third weekend in August
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