22.04.21 - 23.04.21

Saline Festival in Piran

Salt Fields near Piran

Piran salt is a traditional unground and unrefined sea salt of high quality. As early as 700 years ago, salt was extracted on the Slovenian coast, where the Dragonja river flows into the sea.
Around 500 families lived in simple huts in the salt pans from 24 April, St. George's Day, to 24 August, St. Bartolomew's Day, to capture day after day the fine salt crystals that floated on the surface of the salt lakes: The precious Sal de Fleur.

The high quality of the salt was and still is due to an alga that grows at the bottom of the salt ponds.
The plant prevents salt, mud and clay from mixing.
This makes Piran sea salt particularly pure and brilliantly white, and its taste is noticeably milder than that of other high-quality types.

The mining of salt, to which the inhabitants of Piran owe their relative prosperity, is commemorated every year with a festival.
On the last weekend in April, on St. George's Day, masses and processions are held in the salt town in honour of the patron saint. Spas offer special salt treatments and ships sail out to the salt pans.

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Saline Festival in Piran
  • Location: Piran, Slovenia
  • Time: End of April, St. George's Day
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