25.11.23 - 26.11.23

Scallop Festival in Grandchamp-Maisy

Port of Grandchamp-Maisy in the evening

Grandchamp-Maisy in the heart of the bay of Veys Grand, is characterized by tourism and fishing
. The Norman fishermen bring scallops in particular to the port, built in 1926, from where they find their way to the surrounding restaurants.

Scallops and other seafood from Grandchamp-Maisy

In December, during the great scallop festival on the harbour promenade, the Coquilles Saint-Jacques are sold and tasted directly on the quay, along with other sea creatures such as oysters and mussels.
The cider and calvados are also served.

Shanty choir at the scallop festival of Grandchamps-Maisy

Rock music or Norman sailor songs in the fish hall, a large sailing parade and a colourful children's programme are also part of the event.
In Port-en-Bessin 23 kilometres away a Scallop Festival is already celebrated in November.


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Scallop Festival in Grandchamp-Maisy
  • Location: Port of Grandchamp-Maisy, Normandy
  • Date: beginning, middle of December
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