18.02.23 - 26.02.23

Scallop Week in Rye

Trawlers near Rye, Sussex

Since the Middle Ages, fishing has been practiced in Rye in the county of Sussex: Herring, mackerel, cod, plaice and scallops in particular end up in fishermen's nets and baskets. The quality of the goods was so good that King Charles I had the catch from the small hamlet reserved exclusively for the royal court in 1628.

Mussel stand at the scallop week in Rye

Today the medieval town, which once belonged to the alliance of the five English canal ports, is about 3.2 kilometres from the sea, the port has silted up, fishing has given way to the tourist industry.
But once a year the old tradition is revived: During the scallop week at the end of February, beginning of March.

Scalop queen Yasmine Clemson

Around 150,000 scallops are eaten by visitors during the festival week - sprinkled with lime juice, poached in milk or combined with black pudding. Top chefs will demonstrate live how to prepare the mussel in a tasty way.
Live music and the appearance of the scallop queen make the event a round of events.

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Scallop week in Rye
  • Location: Rye, Sussex, England
  • Date: late February, early March
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