13.12.22 - 14.12.22

Sherbeth Ice Cream Festival

Granita, Gelato or Gremolata: the Sicilians are true masters of the art of making ice cream,
which they learned from the Arabs in the 9th century.
At the end of September the best Gelatieri oft he world meets in the island capital of Palermo for the Sherbeth ice cream festival.


Ice cream seller at the ice cream festival Sherbeth

Around 40 different ice cream sellers offer their creations in the Old Town - between Piazza Verdi and Piazza Bologni: An invigorating frappé with coffee and vanilla aromas, gelato with candied fruit or a sour lime fruit juice on crushed ice: a Sherbeth.


Ice cream festival Sherbeth: evening music event

Hundreds of visitors stroll along the Via Maqueda and Via Vittorio Emanuele, past the ice cream stalls, taste here and there and stop at the stages where rock, classical music or jazz is played.


The Ice Museum opens its doors during the four days, and there are international conferences on the subject, as well as workshops for visitors to learn the high art of ice making.
Also for children: in Piazza Bologni in Baby-Sherbeth.


The highlight of the event is the competition for the best ice cream creation of the year.
Famous gelati from all over the world compete for the favour of the expert jury. The winner in 2015 was local hero Salvatore Cappello with an ice cream made of Madagascar chocolate.


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Sherbeth Ice Cream Festival
  • Location: 2019 at Villa Bellini in Catania, Sicily
  • Date: End of September, beginning of October
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