25.11.22 - 27.11.22

Sparkling Wine Festival in Melgaco

Sparkling Wine Festival in Melgaco

The Alvarinho grape is considered to be the noblest white grape variety in Portugal,
producing particularly aromatic, taste-intensive wines.
In Melgaço, on the border with Galicia, it produces sparkling wines. The best time to taste these is during Festa do Espumante at the end of November.

Sparkling Wine Festival in Melgaco: stand with regional specialities

Thirteen local producers show their treasures during the festivities and invite you to taste and debate. In addition to wine, other regional products such as goat cheese, sausages and sweet pastries are also on offer.
And top-class chefs will demonstrate their skills at a live cooking event.

Sparkling wine festival in Melgaco: fire breathers


The restaurants of the small community also do their best to present special festive dishes. Live music and street artists provide entertainment in the evening.


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Sparkling Wine Festival in Melgaco
  • Location: Melgaco, Nordportugal
  • Date: End of November
  • Price: The event is partly chargeable
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