19.07.24 - 21.07.24

Apricot Festival of Spitz

Apricot Festival of Spitz: Blossoming fruit trees

At the beginning of July, the apricots ripen in the orchards of Krems-Land. The sweet fruit from the Wachau is known for its fine aroma and strong colour.
The disadvantage of the capricious stone fruit is that it does not ripen.
The fruit growers in Spitz therefore go through the rows of trees several times from July onwards - and harvest only the really ripe fruits by hand.

Apricot Festival of Spitz: Fairground in the evening

For more than 70 years, the labour-intensive weeks have been interrupted on the third Saturday and Sunday in July: Then it is "Marillenkirtag" (Apricot Festival) in the small market town on the Danube.

Apricot Festival of Spitz:Apricot dumpling machine

Ripe apricots, dumplings, jam, cakes, schnapps and juice are offered at the church square under old trees.
On Sunday after the morning pint, King Marillus and Princess Aprikosia parade through the village - accompanied by folk dancers and traditional music.


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Apricot Festival of Spitz
  • Location: Church square in Spitz on the Danube
  • Date: Penultimate weekend in July
  • Price: The event is subject to a fee
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