15.06.24 - 16.06.24

Strawberry Festival in Bergedorf

1693 the chronicle of the Zollenspieker Crofter Tönnies Kahl notes that some people had planted strawberries in the gardens:
The beginning of professional strawberry cultivation in Germany.
The stone-free marsh soil and the mild river climate of the region called Vierlanden were ideal for the sensitive fruit.

Windmill in the open air museum Rieck House near Hamburg

The strawberry festival in the Rieck Haus open-air museum near Hamburg has been commemorating this centuries-old tradition since 1999.
Farmers from the Vierlanden region offer their bright red fruits for sale: Freshly picked in a basket or processed as jam, cake or punch.

Open Air Museum Rieck House

During the two days, local music groups provide entertainment and there is also a children's programme.
Of course, the open-air museum can also be visited and craftsmen from the surrounding area - from thatchers to inlayers to embroiderers - show their skills.

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Strawberry Festival in Bergedorf
  • Location: Open-air museum Rieck House in Bergedorf, Hamburg
  • Date: Middle of June
  • Price: The event is subject to a fee
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