21.05.22 - 22.05.22

Ticino Open Wine Cellar Day

Vineyard in Ticino

It's been around 100 years since Merlot was introduced to Ticino.
In the meantime, the soft reds that the local winegrowers press from the grape are of a quality that is hardly inferior to that of Bordeaux wines.
Travellers can see this for themselves at the end of May.


Open Wine Cellar Day: Guided tour of the winery

Then winegrowers from Mendrisio, Lugano or Malcantone open their cellars and production sites for a visit during Cantine Aperte.
Every spring, 50 winegrowers from Ticino take part in the event, giving guided tours of the wineries and cellars - often idyllically located amidst the vines - providing information about cultivation and pressing and, of course, pouring out a drop or two for tasting.

Open Wine Cellar Day: Wine Trail in Ticino

Music, cultural or oenological exhibitions and a lunch or dinner are also part of the programme at many wineries, and visitors can also explore the countryside along excellent wine trails.


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Ticino Open Wine Cellar Day
  • Location: Wineries in Mendrisio, Malcantone, Bellinzona and Locarno, Ticino
  • Date: Last weekend in May
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